Sammy Jo Allen, M.S., LMFT

Conflict in our marriage or other close relationships can be one of the most debilitating, stressful, and overwhelming of all human experiences. Consequently, healing in our close relationships can be one of the most rewarding.

My practice specializes in helping individuals, couples, and families work together as a team. I find we can often get overwhelmed by conflict or difficulty in communication with those closest to us. Sometimes we experience deep wounds with our loved ones, a build up of small grievances over time, or even personal experiences with trust that make it difficult to be fully at-ease in our close relationships. While your specific challenges may seem confusing or complex, I hope to establish a peaceful environment that allows you to reset, recharge, and discover the unique tools you already possess as an individual, couple, or family! 


Start your journey today as we work together to find your inner confidence, clarity, and motivation despite any of the ongoing struggles or disappointments you have faced.

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Amanda Bancroft, M.S., LMFT Associate

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My approach involves helping individuals, couples, and families reclaim their connection and happiness despite any past attempts that have been unsuccessful. 

Some of the specific areas I offer help with involve identifying communication difficulties, healing following affairs, cheating, or other forms of infidelity/broken trust, life after divorce, support for blending/blended families, and preparation for long-term success through research-based premarital counseling/education courses.

My goal is to provide my clients with a safe place to find hope, healing, and happiness in the NOW.

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Supervised by Alicia L. Huchingson, M.S., LMFT-S (Lic. No. 201186/Exp. 01/31/2023)