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Counseling vs. Athlete Consulting - Is there a difference?

Yes! Counseling and consulting are two very different services offered by the same entity (North Texas Couple and Family Therapy, PLLC). Despite the fact that both services are currently provided by the same person, it is important to note that Sammy Jo will be operating very differently when she is providing professional therapeutic services versus when she is acting as a consultant for you or your teen child regarding his or her goals/challenges/needs specific to being an athlete.

How do I know which service is right for me?

As a part of her service to you, Sammy offers help to those exploring both counseling and consulting options. Sammy does her best to make sure her services meet the specific needs of her clients. Sammy maintains very clear boundaries around what service is being provided and expects all clients to respect the boundaries of her professional roles as well. While Sammy ultimately leaves the decision up to the client as to what service they choose, Sammy reserves the right to end her consultation services (or refer out) if the clients' consultation needs go beyond the boundaries of what can ethically be provided in consultation or by Sammy Jo in counseling. 

What if I am not an "athlete"? Can I still seek Counseling or Consultation?

Not an athlete? No problem! While consultation on topics other than sports (i.e. finances, career, business, etc.) are outside of Sammy's scope of practice, Sammy does not limit her counseling practice to only athletes. Sammy welcomes clients of all backgrounds who are looking for counseling on any of the Sammy's specialties listed on the NTXCFT services page. To view the list, click                   .

Am I able to do both Counseling and Consulting with Sammy?

Unfortunately, Sammy is unable to provide counseling services in conjunction with any other services to the same individual or family.

Do you provide Counseling and/or Consulting services online or via phone?

Yes, Sammy Jo has the ability to provide select services electronically. While Sammy has the mandatory certification to provide Technology Assisted Services, she does not encourage ongoing electronic counseling services unless, due to extenuating circumstances, E-Therapy is the best option. Sammy is willing to consult with you via phone or internet video conference, but it is to be understood that, if confidentiality is of high importance to you, these methods of communication are not the most secure. A face to face meeting would be recommended for those with concerns of maintaining confidentiality of their consulting or counseling services. 

Do you accept insurance and/or HSA's?

Again, yes and no. Neither insurance nor HSA's will be accepted for consultation services. In addition, I do not conduct the direct billing of any insurance companies for counseling services provided at North Texas Couple and Family Counseling, however I am able to accept payment through your Health Savings Account. I can also provide formal invoices ("superbills") that can sometimes be submitted for reimbursement by your insurance company. It should be noted that your confidentiality cannot be insured when electing for reimbursement by a third party. 

Counseling vs Consulting:

Your Example Checklist


I am a high school student looking for support in managing the physical and mental aspects of my sport.



I am the parent of a teen looking for help reconnecting with my child due to sports-related conflict. 



I am a student-athlete (or prospective) looking for encouragement from someone who has successfully navigated the demands of being a student-athlete.



I have had negative feelings toward my sport for an extended period of time, I feel burnt out, overwhelmed, and question whether I should even continue to play.



My child wants to quit the sport that we have devoted a great deal of time and money to as a family. My spouse and I want to keep him/her in sports.



I want to better my understanding of collegiate athletics as I consider my options for college and prepare for the life of a student-athlete.



I recently had an unexpected end to my professional or collegiate athletic career. I am having trouble finding direction and motivation.


"The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new."

- Socrates

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