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Understanding the Athlete and Athlete Relationships.

Are you a current or former elite-level athlete? Do you experience difficulty in life and relationships due to perfectionism, performance anxiety, burnout, or depression regarding physical injury or retirement in your athletic career? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, you are not alone.

My passion as a former athlete and licensed clinician (M.S., LMFT Assoc.) is to help other current, former, or prospective elite-level athletes navigate the emotional experience of competing in sports and navigating all aspects of life as an athlete. With 10+ years of combined experience in Division I/international sport competition and youth-athlete training, I am able to draw from a wide array of personal experience as I explore difficulties faced by athletes just like you.

As I attempt to fully understand you, your relationship with your sport, and the impact it has on other areas of your life, I will assist you in developing a plan to manage some of the emotional components that are involved either directly in sport competition itself, or in the aftermath of complicated life and relationship problems that often come with being a highly competitive athlete.

Many of the ongoing battles that you experience as a competitive athlete can be supported and managed through techniques of mindfulness, emotional processing, and relationship counseling at North Texas Couple and Family Therapy. Call today for a free 15 minute phone consultation and start your journey toward balanced success as a parent, spouse, athlete, teammate and friend.

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