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The Truth About Infertility

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Did you know physicians can now locate the biological underpinnings of 90% of all cases of infertility? Although, not all of these identified complications can be cured, the expanding research offers hope to couples and individuals faced with this struggle. Historically there was limited understanding of infertility. It was once believed to be "a woman's problem," and led many women into depression, and gender identity crises due to this falsely diagnosed "disease." However, this stigma is being lifted, as current research indicates that males are just as likely as females to house reproductive complications. The responsibility of conception is more commonly being shared between partners, regardless of where the breakdown in conception lies, but the disappointment and sadness are equally as heavy today as they were prior to modern medicine.

Despite the hope for medical treatments as a cure, infertility can be a stressful and painful process for many individuals or couples. Some are faced uncertainty of whether or not conception will take place, while others are given no hope of conceiving. The ambiguity around when or if a person will conceive, coupled with intense focus on choosing the best medical treatment, often sends even the strongest of partners into a whirlwind of tension and doubt. In situations where one or both partners are labeled infertile, many individuals face feelings of brokenness or shame around their biological make-up, while also grieving the loss of the child they always hoped for and dreamed about.

Although the situation of infertility may offer up an incredible amount of stress to individuals and their intimate relationships, there is always hope for a unique outcome. There is much opportunity for couples to tailor their life in such a way that brings growth and healing within their partnerships, and allows them to find comfort in one another, even in the midst of such a difficult situation. Many couples benefit from the help and support of an empathetic support person during this time. Professionals such as Medical Family Therapists often specialize in helping individuals and families through difficult medical diagnoses and complications such as infertility. Contact Sammy Jo Diffendaffer, LMFT Associate, to explore options for therapeutic support of during your struggle with infertility or other medical or relational issues. Call 469.322.9389 to consult and set up your appointment today.

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