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Saying Goodbye and Remembering Those We Love

Día del Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a Mexican holiday celebrated in many parts of the United States and other countries due to international expansion of Mexican culture. This three-day celebration begins on October 31st and ends each year on November 2nd. Many cultures and family traditions have varied ways of honoring their loved ones who have come to pass, and although this honor and celebration of those we’ve lost is likely to look different for each person, it is important that this sacred time of remembrance takes place in some capacity. It is important for all of us to mourn, reflect, and come to closure with the loss of those we once held dear. I encourage those of you who have lost a person dear to your heart to find your own unique way of honoring, remembering, and celebrating the life you shared with persons you have lost, whether you had only a connection for a brief time, or an entire lifetime of memories with them – reflecting on the past and looking to the future are both important aspects of mental health. By being intentional about processing our past and exploring our hopes for the future we are able to be our best possible selves in the present.

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