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Who is the Millennial "Wonder Woman?"

Recently hitting the box office was DC's "Wonder Woman," starring female actress, Gal Gadot. This blockbuster film aimed at portraying the famous comic book heroine, however, sparks a deeper question for me: "What does it mean to be a 'Wonder Woman' of the modern era?"

In the diverse culture we live in today, my guess is, that no two "Wonder Women" would look the same. For one with a high priority on her role as a mother, she (Wonder Woman) might be clothed in "athleisure wear," armed with a diaper bag and ready to tackle anything from an unexpected allergic reaction to hunger pains for her children and all of their friends. For the

spiritually attuned, "Wonder Woman" may be one who considers the well-being of others in her thoughts, prayers, meditations, or other religious practices. For the business-minded individuals, "Wonder Woman" might be a female who excels in her occupation and is highly regarded in her field of business. Whatever your perceived area of impact on family, friends, community, or world at large; my hope is to encourage you that the opportunity for you to support, encourage, or "be a hero" to those around you is not limited by race, culture, socioeconomic status, physical strength, or cognitive capabilities; nor must the inspiration from Wonder Woman stop at being "woman" at all.

While I have my own opinions around the type of "Wonder Woman" I would hope to be, it is my goal, as a clinician, to support YOU in the type of "Wonder Woman," "Wonder Man," "Wonder Teen," "Wonder Couple," or "Wonder Family" of your dreams. Start now building your strength and motivation, ultimately growing into the heroic individual you have always wanted to be.

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