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Conflicting Views on Hugh Hefner and the Playboy Legacy

As both a couples therapist and advocate for basic human rights, I find myself entertaining a variety of thoughts about the legacy left by Hugh Hefner as both a free speech pioneer and founder of the thriving Playboy company that still exists today.

While my entrepreneurial spirit and passion for equal opportunity puts me in support of individuals wishing to capitalize on their best talents and resources in order to achieve business or financial success, my countless professional experiences with pornography and other sexual endeavors forming a point of contention among couples often makes me wish the industry simply did not exist. However, despite the number of times that I have undoubtedly wished I could flush Playboy and similar others down the drain, that solution, I must admit, would be short-sighted in terms of what I have come to theorize as true and meaningful healing among couples.

If you are one of the many individuals or couples who have fallen victim to a strained relationship or feelings of betrayal as the result of pornography or other recreational sexual activities in your relationship, there is, indeed, hope, and it may be simpler than organizing a world-wide social reform. Contact me to learn more about how therapy can help deepen your relationship with your partner, repair pre-existing wounds in the relationship, and jumpstart your journey toward life-long intimacy with your partner or spouse.

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