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Is Something Wrong With Me???

Young female, sad and lonely. Looking out window.

Another relationship has come and gone leaving me so wrung out I feel like crawling in a hole and never speaking to anyone...ever again. What are my friends and family going to say, think, or believe about me as to why my latest relationship and others before have all come to an end? Heck, I'm starting to wonder if it really IS me. How is it that all my relationships end the exact same way no matter how hard I try to find a different kind of partner, work harder at being a better partner myself, and even keep things casual in hopes of preventing yet another "bad breakup."

I feel hopeless at times that I may never find anyone to live my life with amicably, much less obtain the happy ever after fairytale life I dreamed of when I was a kid. I don't know if I can muster another engagement party, wedding ceremony, baby shower, or photo of everyone's "blissful lives" on my social media. I was never a bitter person, but I find myself battling so much bitterness that I no longer feel like myself. How am I supposed to find someone at this point when I feel so tired and used up that I wouldn't even want a relationship with myself? Is there anyone even out there who would want a relationship with me? Someone please help!

Failed relationships can be one of the most trying and overwhelming of life experiences. The fear of being alone, or, maybe worse, of being incapable of establishing a long-term, loving relationship with a significant other can be overwhelming, especially when the proper self-care and support system is not set in place to help a person heal. While I do not buy into the idea that anyone is "screwed up," "incapable of trust," or "hopeless in the arena of love," I do believe that some relationships can be more challenging than others and, if not managed, our own past experiences can often hold us back in our ability to fully love, trust, and express ourselves in close relationships. If you are interested in exploring the difficulty of failed relationships, single-hood, or in rebuilding a solid relationship despite conflict with your current partner, start your journey today! I am passionate about helping people just like you.

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